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Makeup og Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 227

You might be wondering, “So what the heck is this Monday Poll thing anyway?”
Vel, det er ikke mye av en meningsmåling. Det er mer bare en stadig utviklende (devolving?), Noe tilfeldig liste over spørsmål jeg har satt ut til leserne hver mandag morgen de siste fire årene. Jeg har alltid hatt glede av å lese svarene dine i kommentarene, og jeg håper du liker å lese min.

Not too shabby, tabby. and I’m hoping to keep it that way.

Mild, medium, spicy or extra hot?
Medium or spicy, but it depends on the dish. I like my Thai food extra spicy and my Mexican food about medium.

What’s weird is that I grew up not really liking super hot food, but something changed somewhere within the past six months or so. I think it may have started with a dish I mistakenly ordered at a Thai food restaurant a while back.

It was called drunken noodles, which I later learned is called that because of how hot it is — so hot that you keep wanting to drink to soothe/cool your burning tongue.


But oh so tasty…

A few weeks after my run-in with the drunken noodle dish, I ordered it again (hot food can be addictive)! but that time I got it mild, and I ended up not liking it as much.

Now, I’m much more adventurous with hot food, but I’m nowhere near as crazypants about about it as El Hub, who likes his food so spicy that beads of perspiration appear on his forehead during a meal, haha!

Your most awkward years?
Probably my years between 10-13. I always felt out of place. I wasn’t quite a child, but I didn’t really look old enough to be a teenager, either.

Watcha reading right now?
A young adult novel called The fault in Our Stars, by John Green. I’m lovin’ it so far. five out of five stars on amazon.com!

Your current Hollywood crush?
Ryan Gosling still drives me wild, but Channing Tatum has moved up a notch or two. and I think just based on the characters he plays, Liam Neeson is pretty cool. Whenever sh*t hits the fan, Liam’s characters always take control and gets things done.

He busts heads when he has to, but he’s usually very elegant and efficient about it.

Jeg elsker det.

Speaking of Magic Mike, what would your stripper anthem/theme song be?
Part of me wants to say pony by Ginuwine, but that’s too obvious.

It would have to be something with dramatic highs and lows, things that I could perform crazy stunts to (this also assumes I was vastly more flexible than I am now), but nothing too fast, because I wouldn’t want to fall off the scene!

Hmm… maybe Janet Jackson’s I get So Lonely?

Fave teen hottie of the ’80s or ’90s?
Ooh, gurl. Don’t even get me started on Michael J. Fox circa 1984.

Hair up or down?
Down, but only when my wavy curls are under control.

Tell me about a fear you’ve conquered:
Up until about 10 years ago, I was terrified of swimming, especially in the ocean. I was able to float and tread water, but I wasn’t really a comfortable swimmer.

Then I enrolled in a swimming class through the adult learning program at a local high school and also learned how to surf. Now, I’m much more comfortable in the water, but I draw the line at surfing more than 2-3 foot waves. There’s no way I’d dip a toe in the water during big wave season at Waimea on Oahu’s North Shore. hell to the no!

What’s a thought that crossed your mind this morning?
“Mmm… Linguine and clams.” (I woke up craving pasta.)

Ukentlige mål:
Remember to do my deep breathing exercises each day (helps keep me calm), make dinner reservations for El Hub and I to celebrate our six-year anniversary, and practice applying false lashes.

For å fullføre mandagsundersøkelsen, bare kopier du følgende liste, og lim den inn med svarene dine i kommentarene.

1. Mood:
2. Mild, medium, spicy or extra hot?
3. Your most awkward years?
4. Watcha reading right now?
5. Your current Hollywood crush?
6. speaking of Magic Mike, what would your stripper anthem/theme song be?
7. fave teen hottie of the ’80s or ’90s?
8. Hair up or down?
9. tell me about a fear you’ve conquered:
10. Ukentlige mål:


Feels like this week has the makings of a terrific one. happy pre-4th of July. I think you’re going to have a most excellent week.


Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


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