Hvordan få gratis produkter til vurdering Cosmetics Is the Tarte NeutralEYES Eye shadow combination generally Flattering? Well, the world Is a huge Place…

Is the Tarte NeutralEYES Eye shadow combination generally Flattering? Well, the world Is a huge Place…

generally lovely |yü-nə-ˈvər-səl-lē ˈfla-tə-riŋ|
adjectival phrase
1 A phrase which has come to indicate “looks excellent on everyone,” however which a lot more appropriately comprehended indicates “looks excellent on nearly everyone” : I’m trying to find a shade that’s generally flattering.

The concept of makeup created to look excellent on everybody always gets me excited. What a great idea, right? — products without limits or inhibitions; colors able to get together with everyone.


It reminds me of the time I walked in on a celebration to discover a lot of people in a significant drum circle. At very first I thought, “Uh, oh. Not my scene,” however then I grabbed some bongos as well as started banging away. before long I felt ideal at home.

Tarte need to have had a world like that in mind (maybe?) when they established the new Tarte NeutralEyes Eye shadow combination ($44). like all of their products, it’s cruelty-free, which scores may-jah points in Tabs’ book. new for spring, the combination comes chock full of great stuff like…

10 shadows (eight mattes as well as two shimmers) with light-to-medium pigmentation in a cute, refillable case

A full-size EmphasEYES Aqua-Gel eyeliner in Brown

A dual-ended eyeshadow brush

A small bottle of Lifted Eye Primer

Printed directions for both a “Day Look” as well as “Night Look”

Tarte chosen neutral colors they felt would work well on a large variety of skin tones, as well as I especially like the darker shades — the matte deep teal, shimmering bronze, matte brown, matte plum as well as matte navy. I can can see them looking fabulous on pale as well as dark beauties alike.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

The shadows apply smoothly, display very little fallout, blend like a dream as well as consist of a healthy serving of pigment. They’re intense, however not so intense that I look excessively made up with them on. The look has punch, however it’s still risk-free as well as work-friendly.

Now, I had a bit difficulty with the lighter shades… The matte beige, pink as well as taupe — the three shadow colors that include special “Day Look” directions — looked chalky on my tan skin, as well as at one point while utilizing them I hit something I phone call the blending “point of no return.” That’s where the colors just begin to run into each other as well as turn into a monochromatic mess. After my third attempt with them, I figured the appeal gods were trying to tell me something, so I scrapped the concept as well as tried a different look with the Shimmering Soft Peach as well as Matte Deep Teal colors instead…

Yup, if your skin tone is similar to mine (or darker), you may discover the lighter colors in the combination a bit difficult to use.

As for the other products in the set, I like the method the dual-ended clean applies as well as blends shadows. I believe it works quite well as well as must are available in helpful for touch-ups. as well as the brown eyeliner, like the other EmphasEYES liners I’ve tried, holds on remarkably well along the lash line.

So while the combination itself may not online as much as the term, “universally flattering,” I still believe it’s a quite great deal, particularly if 1) you’re trying to find a choice of work-friendly shadows, as well as 2) you like that it’s cruelty-free.


PRICE: $44
AVAILABILITY: on the internet at tartecosmetics.com
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: B+

Din vennlige samfunnsavhengig,


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